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OVER 160,000 VINYL TITLES & MORE to choose from.
, 12" singles, 10", 7"
, Colored/Picture Vinyl
Alternative, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Country, Dance, R&B, Classics, Punk, Techno, Folk, Blues, Audiophile, Imports and more.

Now distributing Mobile Fidelity SACDs & CDs

We also carry vinyl accessories & select turntables:
record jackets and sleeves (inner / outer), slipmats, vinyl record cleaners and brushes,
45RPM/7'' record adaptors and inserts, t-shirts, turntables (special order only), and more
EXCLUSIVE & FEATURED LABELS: Music On Vinyl, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, GrooveWasher, Goldmine Magazine, Third Man Records, 453 Music, Asbestos Records, Jett Plastic Recordings, Exhibit Records, iHipHop, Intervention Records, Muddy Roots Music Recordings, Alona's Dream, Orange Mountain Music (Philip Glass), Small Stone Records, The Right Now Music, Cass Records, Slovenly Recordings, Crypt Records, Glowtronics (slipmats), Jackpot Records, 13 O'Clock Records, Graveface Music, Drastic Plastic Records, Dischord Records